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Guilford firefighter rescues 2 Huskies who fell through thin ice

GUILFORD — A firefighter is being hailed a hero after he saved the lives of two Siberian Huskies Tuesday morning.

A person driving by Mill Pond around 11:30 a.m. heard cries for help and called 911. It turns out, the caller was hearing the dogs yelping.

Guilford Firefighter David Lindgren suited up and was roped into the 32 degree water. He got the first dog out and brought him to shore, then went back in for the second dog a few minutes later.

Lindgren said he has trained for this and was wearing a special suit for cold water rescues.

The dogs were taken to a vet by animal control where they were treated and are doing well. They have been picked up by their owner.

Officials said this should serve as an important reminder to people that even though it’s freezing outside, not all ice is solid.

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